Worship Workshop at WMS Kepong

Posted on 15-Jun-2014

Report by Lance Corporal Brendan Eu & Lance Corporal Ong Wil Sern pf 12th Kuala Lumpur Company
March 29th, 2014

KEPONG - The Boys’ Brigade participated in the 2-day Praise and Worship workshop along with the Worship Team from the WMSKL Christian Fellowship. The camp was held in Wesley Methodist Church, Kepong and was also facilitated by the church’s Praise & Worship team. We had 10 participants from Boys’ Brigade who had taken part in this activity. The ten of us gathered at the church around 9:45am to have a short fellowship time with the other workshop participants from the church and from WMSKL Christian Fellowship. The workshop officially started at 10am.


The workshop kicked off with an ice-breaking game to warm up and prepare the participants for the workshop. After the ice breakers, we had a session of Praise & Worship led by Mr. Jeremy Chew and team. Next, we had a talk entitled ‘Heart of Worship’, delivered by our chaplain Rev. Christopher Rao, who is also the pastor of Wesley Methodist Church, Kepong. It was truly an awe-inspiring session. Then, we had break just right before we had our individual instrument classes with respective “specialists” according to the fields that they are good in. All the participants then proceeded to the cafeteria for a lunch break after the individual instrument classes. The workshop was then continued with two consecutive lessons, which are ‘Role of Worship Team’ by Mr Jeremy and “Band Dynamics” facilitated by Worship Team of Wesley Methodist Church, Kepong. After a long session, we had a group photo before we proceed.

After that, here comes the highlight of the day – ‘Project Time!’ (Band Practice). We were assigned to allocated groups according to the colour of our name tags. This session was mainly for us to practise for the ‘Project Showcase!’ of tomorrow. The session was also something very practical as it was for us as workshop participants to implement whatever they had learnt in the sessions they had went through. We had dinner and that was the end of the first day. Then, we went back to Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur for wash-up and some devotion before we slept at the chapel. We really had a great and fun time back in WMS.


The next day, we woke up before 7am so that we would be able to reach WMCK early to ensure we would have place to park the cars. We packed up and left by 7.30am and grabbed some breakfast along the way. It was the first time attending Church Service for a few of us (namely Cpl. Jack, LCpl. Wil Sern & Pte. Alex Ong) and apparently we didn’t know that we were supposed to wear long pants. However, it was a truly wonderful experience. We had lunch after service and we thank the Lord for the delicious food served. After lunch, we went on to the moment we’ve all been waiting for, ‘Project Showcase!’. We were asked to showcase what we’ve learnt and performed group by group. Group 2 was chosen to go first, followed by Group 1 and last but not least Group 3. Comments and advice were given to each group after they have finished their showcase. Soon, every group was done and after a short debrief and sharing by our captain, Mr. Nicholas Yeap, and Rev. Christopher Rao, the worship workshop came to an end.

This worship workshop has actually taught us the true meaning of worship, besides teaching us on how to lead in worship as a team. As Christians we should be worshippers of the Lord and submit ourselves to Him. We hope that 12th Kuala Lumpur will continue to grow spiritually, as a whole, fulfilling the part of the BB Object where it says “The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Members….”.
Worship Workshop Participants
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