Writing Competition!

Posted on 31-Oct-2012

KL State Writing Competition
Dear members. The Kuala Lumpur State Council is giving YOU an opportunity to showcase your writing talents by organising a writing competition which starts from today, 1st November 2012 until 1st October 2013. You may stand a chance to win the latest iPad and other exciting prizes!
How does it work? Quite simply, points will be given to you and your company every time you submit an article. The more articles you contribute, the more points collected, hence giving you a good chance of winning the competition.
What articles can you write about? We are interested in any BB-related articles. The accepted articles are as per below:
1.   Reports
  • Your companies Enrollment Service
  • Company outing/camps
  • Visitations (other companies, old folks home, etc)
  • Sports Day
  • Competitions
  • NCOs' Training School
  • Etc
 2.    Features
  • Interviews/testimony (captain, sergeants, founder of your company, successful BB individual in work, etc)
  • Ideas and opinions (please send summary to editor first before starting the full article)
Individual Prizes
1st Prize - The latest iPad 
2nd Prize - Samsung Galaxy Tab*
 *Subject to change to item of an equal capability
Company Prize
LCD Projector (below is an illustration only, the model will differ)
Download Instructions and Rules here
For further inquiries, please email write2us@klbb.org.my.
Looking forward to seeing your articles. ALL THE BEST!